Currently nurses are in high demand, and there is always an opportunity for people with high level of skills and those who are just starting out and need to work to gain some experience.

Primary Benefits for Nurses in Australia include:

Chance to Enhance Nursing Skills in Best Practice Facilities

Australia has top of the range health centers and has been a global leader in providing professional nursing education since the mid-1990s. Qualifications from universities in Australia have worldwide recognition, and as a nurse, you get a chance to interact with graduates from several of them to learn new thing about the practice.

High Living Standards

Australian authorities have much concern for the well-being if its population and the country have high living standards than other nations including the United States. Nurses also make a high annual income. They earn an average annual income of $A53, 900 to $A85, 000 which in the top 20% of the entire workforce in Australia.

Low Cost Of Living

Australian and New Zealand cities are some of the cheapest yet the quality of life is one of the highest. The cost of living is exceptionally low in Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. More than 70% of Australian households own their homes, and you may as well take advantage of low cost of life to save and borrow to buy a home.

High Quality Of Life

Australia population density is low, and the quality of life is good. There is no competition for resources, and the environment is largely unpolluted.

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Friendly and Helpful People

Working in a hostile environment is stressful. Australians are one of the most hospitable people in the world, and anyone serving them including the nurses can enjoy their work. Australians are honest, hard working, fun and trustworthy.

The local communities are even friendly to foreigners hence are accommodative to immigrants. Due to the welcoming nature, Australia has become a multicultural society and a good place to interact with people from the rest of the world. If you are a nurse from another country, it is highly likely that you will find people from your home. They will help you to settle down and reduce chances of getting incredibly homesick.

A Variety of World Best Schools

If you are a nurse with children, Australia has one of the best schools. You do not have to look far from your workplace to find a good school for your kids.

Emphasis on a good education is quite high. Statistics by UNESCO show that Australia enrolment rates are one of the highest in the primary, secondary and even tertiary education in the world.

High Employment Rate

Due to lower population and stability than most nations public and private sectors in this country are thriving. They employ many people between them and employment is below 5%. It favors nurses who migrate to Australia as their spouses and children are more likely to get jobs as well.

Eligibility for Employer-Sponsored Benefits

Due to a shortage of nurses, those in the profession get much priority for benefits. For instance, you establish a retirement income with a value high as AUD 500,000 funded by the employer. If you are an immigrant, you become eligible for employer sponsored permanent residency in 2-3 years.

Away from work, Australia has many beautiful sites to visit and friendly people.