The US healthcare is one of the most widely talked of a story in the past few years. It is a growing concern to most Americans who have now come to terms that their immediate neighbors – Europe have free healthcare system whereas they do not have. US citizens are aware that most European nations offer specialized healthcare system which leaves them shocked and looking for answers. So, why can the system not be like Europe?

Many US politicians use lots of money during their campaigns, however, in the US it is legal for companies to fund most of the politicians to which in the long run the elected officials are indebted to the said companies. It is the reason why most of the elected members try to work and implement policies that will not only be affordable to the citizens but also the companies as well. Such issues have seen many industries like the medical and pharmaceutical companies gaining from such ventures.

Many citizens in America are complaining of the current health care system which is expensive and lucrative for the industries that stand to gain from these policies. Americans, however, do not want to pay higher taxes to have a government provided health care which if implemented will make many reconsiders the decision made.

One of the reasons why the same cannot be implemented is because of the American culture. The US houses many immigrants who have come from different countries and so each person is likely to be more individualistic. Therefore, they have a strong belief in individualism and the notion that the government needs to play a limited role in the society.

The Europeans healthcare system has a lot of regulations that ensure that prices are centrally negotiated with the healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to the prices they can charge their customers for their products and services thus having insurance services mandatory for everyone.

It is also common to know that many groups and parties do not want it. Interest groups often have their say in these debates making it increasingly difficult to pass any legislation. These have seen the United States lack universal health coverage coupled by political institutions that have made it difficult for most of these programs to be endorsed. Most American institutions are biased against these reforms since they must pass through obstacle congressional committees, amendments, and budget estimates.

The United States remains one of the many countries that do not have a comprehensive national insurance system since its culture is seen as individualistic thereby favoring personal matters or opinions over government responsibility. The size and population of the country also prove to be a major hindrance in organizing a standard healthcare system.

Politics is one of the key reasons that divides the United States citizens because the passing of legislation has become an issue amongst themselves. Their system of government has made it increasingly difficult for any individual party to try and challenge their decisions. Therefore, the passing of bills has always been a major challenge in the country.

After the second World War, many European countries put up health systems since many had died while some were left homeless hence the starting up of a universal care system that benefited the whole country and their citizens.

Although there is the notion that many European nations can afford their healthcare, many of the countries are struggling to continue providing for their citizens. There is a great demand for these services whilst the population is also increasing. These have made hospital service costs to rise and the price of medicine to also shoot up.

The number of obese people in Europe is surprisingly high because most of the cities and towns have been built around automobiles hence there is less public transportation. Food rich in many calories is also widely and cheaply accessible increasing the chances of an unhealthy lifestyle to the public and the country as well.

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