If you want to join a nursing school, the requirement is that you write an essay showing the reasons why you should become a nurse. An essay on why I want to become a nurse will convince members of the admissions committee that you will be valuable students to their school. It is difficult to convince the reader about your suitability than it sounds since there is much competition from other applicants who have the same or better grades. Many will apply for gee spots on offer.

Your essay on reasons to become a nurse must impress the evaluators to me and persuade them that you have a potential of becoming a great nurse. A nurse essay could be your only chance to persuade the admissions committee because it offers you an opportunity to communicate personally about your suitability.

It is an excellent reason to start reading various samples to determine the best way of writing an essay on why you want to be a nurse to get an idea of how you will write.


The word nurse means someone who offers care to the sick. It may sound simple but becoming a professional nurse requires more than taking care of a sick person. It requires an initiative to understand the needs of the patient and forgo some of my own to support the person.

I am passionate about providing support that relieves pain, improves or eliminates symptoms from the sick and injured. I love helping and encouraging people during difficult movement. I feel sympathetic to patients in a hospital because most do not get enough emotional warmth, kind words, and care. They may get it in the first few days of their admission, but it does not last. Professional nursing career will provide me with an opportunity to spend more time with patients, as well as doctors and get a chance for creating a comfortable atmosphere for them.

I have in been helping to care for elderly patients in nursing home as a volunteer during my school holidays. The experience has made me to become perseverant. I have also become thoughtful of suffering by others increasing my determination and strong will to work as a nurse even in most challenging situations.


When I train as a nurse, I will become more useful since I will be able to provide basic medical care even at my home when I have a family and children. The qualification will also enable me to take the better care of my parents when they get older than when I do not have any training. Nursing training will make me a better person in the community because at some point in life, everyone needs a doctor and other healthcare professionals to be responsible for their lives. As a nurse, I will have more roles in helping the people to be more comfortable with a doctor during treatment and nurture them to back to health.


A modern nurse is a competent professional and not just a doctor’s assistant. The role of nursing a patient has a clear function which will be a fulfilling experience for me as I can give more attention and time for patients. I will also have the responsibility of preparing them for an appointment with the doctor and work as part of a team that prescribes treatment or surgery. My thoughts about a career all gravitate to nursing. My choice is not about money but because it is my ideal profession. I have the qualities that suit nursing practice including:

  • Friendliness
  • Compassion
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work for long hours
  • Empathetic and diplomatic

I am a quick learner and will understand the thing lecturers teach during training. My academic performance and scores reflect this aspect. The nursing profession is diverse and ever-changing hence sound training will prepare me to handle various situations that come my way.

I will be happy to become a nurse and be part of the team that reduces the shortage of nurses.

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