The US healthcare is one of the most controversial topics that is being discussed by many people. It is a growing concern for most Americans who have now come to terms that their immediate neighbors – Europe has a free healthcare system which is also a single-payer healthcare system whereas they do not have. Many of their citizens are aware that most European nations offer specialized healthcare system which leaves them shocked and looking for answers as to why they cannot have a single-payer healthcare system.

There are several states and members in the Congress looking to have the system come into practice and support the decision. The process, however, is not easy since politicians use lots of money during their campaigns. This is the ultimate reason why most of the elected members and leaders try to work and implement policies that will satisfy both the citizens and the companies that funded them. Such matters have seen many industries like the medical and pharmaceutical companies gaining from such endeavors.

The US healthcare system is expensive which has seen an uproar by the public complaining of the current health care system. Industries that are affiliated with the policies put in place tend to be lucrative and Americans do not want to pay higher taxes to have a government provided health care which if implemented will make many reconsiders the decision made.

There are many reasons why a single-payer health care system cannot be implemented. One, the American culture since the US houses many immigrants that have come from different countries and so each person is likely to be more individualistic. Therefore, they have a strong belief in individualism and the notion that the government needs to play a limited role in the society. The Europeans whose healthcare system is a single-payer type has a lot of regulations that certify that prices are centrally negotiated with the healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to the prices they can all agree to charge their customers for their products and services thus making it mandatory for each citizen to having medical insurance.

There is also a difference in opinion as some people want the system, but others are not fancying it. Most groups and parties do not want it and often interest groups have their say in these debates making it problematic to pass any legislation in the house. Political institutions have made it harder and difficult for most of these programs to be endorsed. Many American institutions are biased against these reforms because they must pass through obstacle congressional committees, amendments, and budget estimates.

The US culture States remains one of the many industrial countries in the world lacking a single-payer health system since its culture is seen as individualistic, therefore, favoring personal matters or opinions over government responsibility. The size and population of the country also prove to be a major stumbling block in organizing a standard healthcare system. A brief time in history is seen by many to when America should have implemented a single-payer healthcare system. It is a health care system financed by taxes that cover the costs of essential health care for all residents living in that country. After the second World War, many European countries put up health systems since many had died while some were left homeless hence putting up a single-payer system that benefited many of the residents staying there.

A single-payer health system will contribute to the rising of other factors like the payment of taxes which will, in turn, raise the standards of living. There is the view that many European nations can afford their healthcare, however, most of them are struggling to continue providing for their citizens due to the great demand for these services whilst the general population is also increasing. The cost of medical care in hospitals has become unbearable for most citizens as there is also a rise in the price of medicine and drugs that are being prescribed. Generally, a single-payer health system has its benefits but so are the disadvantages it bears.

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