Write the article outline about an experience of leadership giving consideration to how your leadership role is manifest.

This assignment is to be presented as an academic paper. It is an outline plan of the final assignment 4 leadership article to be submitted for publication in an academic journal. Consider you are preparing to write an article for publication, identify the journal the article is being prepared for and use their required referencing style for this assignment and assignment 4. Obtain a copy of the referencing requirements for the chosen journal and ensure you attach it to the assignment submissionTo complete this academic assignment you are expected to:
• Choose a topic and develop a working title.
• Include a title page, contents page (inclusive of headings/sub-headings and reference list.
• Briefly explain why you have chosen the topic and write an overview.
• Provide a short academic discussion of what will be included in each of the draft headings with support from recent leadership literature on the topic. Include an Introduction, a body with its own headings/subheadings and Conclusion.
• You must use journal articles and not textbooks or popular culture books related to the topic including leadership and management literature. The references can be inserted from EndNote if you desire.
• Ensure the articles used are no older than five (5) years unless the historical significance is explained.
• Presentation should be in assignment format, 12 point font; 1 and a half to two spacing, Times New Roman or Arial font.
It is suggested you choose a journal article you have read during the topic to guide you with structure and the type of content (but not the actual content). For example, the Advanced Journal of Australian Nursing (you might use this journal) has a structure that may be useful for you to consider, as do most journals. The assignment is a draft for assignment 4 and is to be presented in the style of the chosen journal’s publishing instructions. No abstract is required.
Some topic ideas for assignment 2
• Write the article outline about an experience of leadership giving consideration to how your leadership role is manifest. Give examples of the experience and provide a critical analysis of the experience supported by leadership literature. If you use this suggestion, do not use the example you used for assignment 2.
• Or write your article outline with a focus on one of the following:
– leadership and organisational change.
– leadership for quality in health service.(I prefer this as it matching the suggested working tilte )-
– leaders in nursing/midwifery
– professional leadership
– the political leader as an agent of change in nursing/midwifery.